Sunday, August 8, 2010

Educating...Not Only Teaching?!

Good Morning Sunshine...

Yesterday was a closing for the 3rd week of practicum but the 1st week of teaching. Every time i enter the class i can see my children's faces, full of hope. Although i have difficulty in handling them, i've been trying to get'em closer to me since the 1st day of meeting them.

I've an experience having problematic students during a relief class in the 1st week itself. That time i was sitting in front and having ice breaking with them. Suddenly a group of students (six of them) went out. They have no respect for me at all... For them, a trainee teacher is nobody. Urghh!!! I felt like shouting and pulling their ears...but yeah..calm down, calm down, calm down...c'mon, it's just a start...i said. The 2nd time i went to that class, the same thing happened. Up to the 3rd time, i gave their names to the disciplinary teacher to be put in
E-Discipline. They started begging for the 2nd chance and promised to behave. Since that, the students never dare to play fool with me anymore..yeay!
~To be continued...

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