Friday, March 26, 2010

Memoirs of A Little Princess...

Finale!! Finale! Finale!
Yezza...finally here u come...

March 19, 2010 ~ Microteaching
March 23, 2010 ~ Theatre in TESL
March 24, 2010 ~ Mandarin
March 25, 2010 ~ English for Academic Purposes
March 26, 2010 ~ Teaching of Literature in ESL

Just passed by the first trial...4 more to go..
Let's take a break...what to write ya...hmm..

I really have no idea how to describe my feelings right now...
Tensed up? ~nope...
Down? Like what Jay Sean keep sayin'--> Baby...are you down5x..? ~nope XD
Gloomy? ~also...nope!
Happy? ~erm sort of...
but..the tone's not mirroring that way..
Then...stop guessing..okie..
U won't get it...
~ indescribable
~ invisible
~ unpredictable
Sometimes we do feel that the more we learn somethin' we want, the more we're gonna lose things we need...

"...The little girl with a book, a pencil in her hands is now becoming a young lady with the same "toys" in her hands after 20 years..."
"...The little girl with a watch on her wrist is now becoming a young lady with the same "tool" on her left wrist..."
"...The little girl who her fingers keep dancing freely ~ writing her name on a piece of paper together with ruler and eraser... She is now becoming a person who need not to write with the same "guides" anymore..."
"...The little girl who loves drawing ~ bringing her colored pencils by her side, looking at pictures she likes to guide... She is now becoming a person who can sketch without the same "start"..."
"...The little girl who each time looking into a mirror saying her words, looking at the moon and the stars in the sky telling her wishes... She is now becoming a person who puts her "beliefs & hopes" only to Allah the Almighty God, The Lord..."
"...The little girl who keeps singing the story of her life is now able to write it out as her "poetry of heart"..."
"...The little girl who keeps dreaming of being a princess as in the fairy tales she read, of the beauty they have... She is now becoming a "princess" who fights for rights & defends her pride..."

With these "INDESCRIBABLE, INVISIBLE, UNPREDICTABLE' feelings i have inside, I realize that even though i've passed by a thousand miles, traveled places of choice & walked far across the infinitive distance, there are still some things i'd forget, regret...because life's not forever as smooth as silk, as easy as ABC, as beautiful as blooms of roses, as merry as dancing daffodils...we do have sunny day, sometimes it does change to gloomy day...we do have cloudy day, but sometimes might turn up to rainy day...

With these "INDESCRIBABLE, INVISIBLE, UNPREDICTABLE" feelings i have inside, I keep answering each question from people around me...asking about the "only 4 - letter" word, L.O.V.E...with "many" ways of questioning:~
*Kwn2 lain dah ada special about u?
*Did u find someone....bla..bla..bla..?
*Have u found a person...begini..begitu..?
*What do u think about him...okie tak..?
*Are u falling for someone...? nak tahu..nak tahu jugak...cerita lah..
*Didn't u crush on somebody before...or maybe among ur friends..?
*If anything just tell me okie? I'm waiting...
*Do u want me to introduce him to u?just get to know each other 1st..okie?
*Nak berkenalan, boleh?
*Ur current status? Single? Hmm..mesti dah berpunya kan...

If let say I answer "yes, i have someone special", other types of questioning will come out:~
*Who is he?
*Among ur friends or others?
*Study sama course eh?
*Mesti budak course lain ni...kan3?
*Gaya mcm mana? Mesti mcm ustaz kan...
*Nanti jadi cikgu, mesti ur partner cikgu jugak kan...betul tak?
*Mcm mana boleh kenal?
*Haizz...siapa la lelaki tu ye..mesti mcm ni..mcm tu...bla3..kan..?
*Where did u both meet?
*Since when?
*How long have u been with him?
*Handsome tak? Ada pic?
*What did make u choose him?
*Dah jumpa parents?
*Tak nak kenalkan ke?

If I answer "No, haven't found yet"...also the other type of questioning will come out:~
*Ni kes memilih sangat la ni kan?
*What are the criteria...actually...bla..bla..bla..?
*Perfectionist? Are you?
*"Choosy n picky" type of girl?
*Sbb tak handsome?
*Takkan takde perasaan langsung?
*Tak try berkawan?
*Mesti belum ada yang berkenan di hati lagi ni...kan?
*Tu laa..jual mahal..betul tak?
*Takkan la takde yg berkenan?

I wont get mad, sick, or tired of all these...because i know there're many people concern about me...
One thing i'd like to say is that, the more we learn, the higher level we achieve, the better things we get, or the more mission we accomplish...behind all the things we want, there is some things we need... I admit that i need the "only 4 - letter" word...because...
"...The little girl who has been writing, drawing and singing her story of life for a long is doing the same things..."
"...The little girl who has been depending on her watch for timing, looking into a mirror saying her words and telling her wishes to the moon and the now doing the same through prayers..."
"...And..The little girl who has been dreaming of being a princess as in the fairy tales she read all this now preparing herself to be the best for her future prince..."

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